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Starting Monday night 10th of September 2018, there will be Zen-meditation every Monday night from 20:30h till 21:30h in Madrid centre!

The goal is to share the practice of Zen meditation with both newcomers and experienced meditators. It is possible to get instructions and information about Zen meditation, make sure to contact me so we can meet 30 minutes before sitting starts.

The address is:

Plaza de Jesus 3, Piso 3, Derecha in Barrio de las Letras, Madrid.
Tel: 0034650501129
E-mail : Click Here

The hours of meditation will be 2 periods of 25 minutes of sitting meditation calle “zazen“, divided by 10 minutes of walking meditation “kinhin“.

Please come 5 to 10 minutes earlier and wear comfortable clothing. There is no fee, donations are welcome.